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Need a Milky Way of questions to practice on? A lite and nifty helper, Twinkle conjures up instant questions, from its vast question bank, to let you ponder, practice and perfect. All those questions that bothered you will vanish soon enough.


A quick and smart generator of worksheet questions, to fire up your test-readiness.


Beam up quick quizzes, of any topic, length or type.


Our AI-genie performs intelligent auto-marking (MCQs and heuristics problem sums) for instant quiz scores plus highlight weak areas that need fixing.


Single focus or mix-it-up, our questions are topically grouped or mixed into a larger pool, giving you a full circle of choices.

Performance analysis

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Our AI genie auto-marks it so your scores are avail at zero delays. All quizzes are tracked and stored, so your Report Wizard gives a full view on just how well you’re doing.